Online Readings

Can’t get a Tarot reading in Phoenix? Email readings are available no matter where you are!

How does an email reading work?

When you purchase an email reading, you’ll have the option of telling me a little more about yourself and what you want to know.  It’s up to you how much you tell me. For those of you with poker faces, you can just select “general reading” and you’re done. For those of you who like to tell me what’s on your mind, feel free to do so.

Within 24 hours of payment, you’ll receive:

  • a photo of all the cards drawn for you, next to a device displaying the date and time.  
  • a write-up containing personalized, paragraph-long explanations of each card.

Every write-up is custom written at the time of delivery. You’ll be able to tell this, because the writing will be candid and the card descriptions will be linked to one another, as opposed to just copy-pasted generic descriptions.

When you purchase an email reading, if you have any follow-up questions or require clarification on something I wrote, I will be happy to respond  free of charge.  

Benefits of email Tarot readings

You’ll have a photo and written record  you can reference whenever you want. Great for people who like to look back on their readings periodically, and for those who are studying how to read cards!

“The email reading I received was very insightful and rang true to me. It was relevant, personal, and just felt right. It has already given me confidence in my current path and the road that lies ahead.”

Andrea F.