Tarot Reading For Parties

Party psychics aren’t just for Vegas. You can hire a Tarot reader for parties in Phoenix, too!

Reading in the fun and festive atmosphere of the Arizona Renaissance Festival since 2013, Becca has pleased crowds and  provided a quiet, private retreat amid loud revelers. It’s entertainment that extroverts and introverts will enjoy. Plus, going home with something to ponder is a party favor for intellectuals.

FAQ | How to Book a Tarot Reader for Your Party

What does it cost?

The party rate is $100 for your first hour and $90 for additional hours.  You will not be charged for set-up or break-down time, which should only take a few minutes.

The host/hostess pays for the party in advance, in full, via Paypal invoice.  Guests do not need to pay anything, but if you wish to have them contribute to the cost, I recommend setting up a collection box for cash or having them Paypal or Venmo you, the host/ess.

What is your cancellation/refund policy?

If you need to cancel, you may do so with a full refund up to 24 hours before your scheduled event. If you cancel less than 24 hours before the event, a 50% refund will be issued. 

What is your availability?

At this time, I work irregular hours and my schedule is somewhat flexible. The sooner you email me, the more likely it is I’ll be available on your preferred date and time. Email beccarosetarot@gmail.com, or fill out the inquiry form at the bottom of the page.

How many guests can get readings in one hour?

In a single hour,  I can easily read for 10-15 guests! These 4-5 minute readings have a lot of substance, and I have a lot of practice keeping readings short but satisfying.

Of course, I can do longer readings, but these numbers are given to help you plan a party on a budget while still getting great value.

When planning your party, consider:

  • Do you have a guest of honor, 
    • such as a birthday girl, bride-to-be, anniversary couple, retiree, or recent graduate that you want to receive a longer reading?
    • You might want to block off 15 minutes just for them.
  • Are all of your guests going to get readings, or are only some of them interested?
    • You can plan readings as an activity for all guests to enjoy (great for smaller parties),
    • or you can hire me for a window of time, where guests who want readings can get them at their leisure (great for large parties).

How far will you travel for a party booking?

Phoenix, Arizona and surrounding cities/towns, including:

  • East: Scottsdale, Paradise Valley, Tempe, Mesa, Fountain Hills, Apache Junction
  • West: Glendale, Peoria, Surprise, Sun City
  • South: Chandler, Gilbert
  • North: Carefree, Cave Creek

Outside  of that radius, I may be willing to travel all the way to Tuscon or Flagstaff if the booking is for 3 hours or more. Email beccarosetarot@gmail.com if you have questions.

What kind of set up do you need?

A small table with 2-3 chairs is all you really need for Tarot readings. Becca can bring her own 3’x3′ folding table and chairs, or use furniture you provide. We can set up indoors or outdoors.

For nighttime parties being held outdoors, consider lighting. Becca brings her own task lighting to illuminate the cards when it’s dark out.

Who decorates the table?

Becca always brings her own crystals to use as paperweights, particularly useful for outdoor parties! Other than that, feel free to customize:

  • Have Becca bring her own New Agey table cloth, request a color/pattern that matches your theme, or use your own table coverings.
  • A small “Becca Rose Tarot” sign and a chalkboard easel are also available.
  • Consider decorating the area with balloons, flowers, lights, or confetti!

Does Becca dress up?

For costume parties, formal parties, or parties where everyone’s dressing up for a theme, sure! 

Otherwise, Becca will show up as her fabulous, magical-stylin’ self.

Ready to start planning?  Contact beccarosetarot@gmail.com, or fill out the inquiry form below. Thank you for your interest!